Emission measurement

Emission analysis must fulfil a number of requirements. Testo constantly adapts to these requirements, offering products for continuous emission checks, tuning and optimisation of burners as well as process monitoring in thermal manufacturing processes.

The adaptive flue gas analysis systems which Testo has developed, produced and sold for the past 50 years not only deliver precision, but also focus on simplicity and convenience.

Testo exhaust gas & emission analyser series consist of the testo 340 & testo 350. The testo 340 is a 4 cell gas analysers which is the ultimate analyser for portable combustion and engine tuning. With the testo 340 you get a choice of O2, CO, COlow, NO, NOlow, NO2, and SO2 to suit ones individual needs. The Testo 350 Multiple Gas Analysis System provides a complete emissions monitoring solution without sacrificing ease of use.

When it comes to heavy duty applications, the testo 350 gas analyser is known for its reliability and accuracy. The Testo 350 in particular supports the direct measurement of 6 gases from a range of 10 sensors, not to mention the many other parameters necessary for managing the environment, efficiency and commissioning.

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