Ventilation and air conditioning systems

HVAC systems depend on ventilation to cool and heat indoor environments. Moderate fluctuations in airflow and velocity can hinder an HVAC system's efficiency, thereby increasing the costs associated with running such appliances.

Testo's range of airflow and velocity instruments help HVAC technicians assess systems for potential problems. Our digital anemometers can enlighten you to detect problems in facilities and equipment.

While airflow may seem like a negligible factor, improper velocity can compromise indoor air quality, increase utility expenses, cause heat exchanger failures and introduce a wide array of other problems. The parameters dictated at the appliance may not correspond with the velocity present at intake and outflow vents, and Testo's instruments can ensure this consistency.

Testo also offers a range of Pitot tubes that allow professionals to measure velocity and airflow. Manufactured with stainless steel, these extensions can withstand the rigors of various environments, and are needed attachments for many of our instruments. If you'd like to know which testo instruments these pitot tubes can complement, speak with one of our knowledgeable experts today.

Did you know

Testo Anemometers are sensitive and accurate enough to measure the air current generated by the fluttering of butterfly wings!

Ventilation duct


Observance of air flows in the ventilation duct is of utmost importance for the function of the ventilation and air conditioning system.

  • Accurate recording of air flows in the ventilation duct
  • Ensure the removal of room loads (heating, cooling and substance loads)

Air outlets


Every duct inlet and outlet should only contain the volumetric flow that, according to its calculations, is the basic requirement for a system that works efficiently.

  • Measure the volumetric flow according to EN 16211 in a reliable way

Pressure on filters


The adjustment of volume flows at larger air inlets and outlets can be a challenge. But it doesn't need to be! We are setting new standards with our meausring technology.

  • High precision with our new, exceedingly light volume flow hood
  • Reliable measurement with vane anemometers and funnels

Balanced ventilation systems

Measurement technology for balanced ventilation systems

Indoor climate measuring instruments and probes from Testo support you in all phases of a BVS: From the planning phase through the optimum adjustment up to regular monitoring of the performance – intuitively, precisely and taking legal conformity into consideration.

  • Measure supply air
  • Check exhaust air vents in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Check indoor humidity and temperature

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