For pharmacies, ensuring medications and vaccines are maintained under recommended storage conditions is mission critical for maintaining the integrity of the medications to be dispensed.Unfortunately, the variability within many refrigerators and freezers can be a cause for potentially inadequate temperatures. Medications known to be affected by temperatures.

Testo pharmacy solutions offers fully automated 24/7 temperature monitoring systems, highly accurate thermometers and pH meters which contribute the safe handling of medicine and vaccines


Temperature monitoring solution

In retail pharmacies a great many regulations have to be adhered to. This includes the monitoring and documentation of the temperature in the sales room, storeroom and drugs refrigerators.

  • Use our data logger system for temperature monitoring
  • Assure the correct storage of drugs

Temperature measurement

More on temperature checks

In the laboratory, you will often come into contact with many caustic chemicals in the process of manufacturing medicines.

  • Temperature measurement with an instrument which is resistant to aggressive media
  • E.g. thanks to a glass casing


pH measurement


Measuring instruments for pH value are above all used in the chemical, pharmaceutical industry.

  • Discover the processes of many chemical and biochemical reactions
  • Determine the pH value in semi-solid and viscoplastic media as well as in liquids


Reference: Video of Scheffel pharmacy

Edit - write-protected The Scheffel-Apotheke relies on the WiFi data logger system testo Saveris 2. Owner and pharmacist Dr. med.

Frank Siefert is convinced: “testo Saveris 2 is the optimum solution. I would recommend it unreservedly to my colleagues."