Testo measuring instruments specially for supermarkets.

Supermarkets are an important establishment that require constant, reliable, easy-to-use monitoring systems to protect perishable consumer goods on shelves and in-storage. 

Testo is dedicated to enhance profitability and reliability for supermarkets retailers by supplying the very latest solutions to streamline supermarket environment monitoring applications.

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  • Monitor quality quickly and reliably
  • Avoid hazards to your customers' health

  • Monitor storage temperature continuously
  • Automatic alarms for more security

  • Monitor the temperature of fresh goods continuously
  • No more manual documentation

  • Ensure constant low temperatures in refrigerated units
  • Easy recording and documentation of the temperature data

Do you prepare fresh foods?

Preparing fresh food directly in the market is a new trend. Whether lunches, snacks, bakery stations or convenience food: supermarket customers appreciate a fresh, fast choice. Food instruments from Testo have been proven a thousand times over in gastronomy, and support you in meeting the requirements of food preparation.

  • Safe baked goods thanks to easy temperature measurement
  • Monitoring temperature in ovens

  • Measure the core temperature of foods reliably
  • Save cooking oil

  • Reliable IAQ monitoring along the entire cold chain
  • With thermometers for spot check measurements and data loggers for continuous IAQ monitoring