Reliable and efficient operation of photovoltaic systems.

Due to the energy transition, the number of photovoltaic systems on the roofs of private homes and commercial buildings is increasing rapidly. Like all electronic components, solar cells and modules as well as other electronic components must be checked regularly, especially since they are located outdoors.

Installation errors, severe weather and aging can cause defects in modules and components such as inverters that reduce energy output. Infrared thermography offers the possibility to locate problems on PV systems quickly, precisely and reliably.

Detect thermal anomalies on photovoltaic systems quickly, safely and reliably

Thermography for photovoltaic plants

  • Practical guide
    • Practical guide
  • Useful knowledge on thermography in small and large solar plants:
  • Fault images and causes
  • Tips & tricks on measurement and avoiding errors
  • Selecting the right thermal imager
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  • testo 883
    • testo 883
  • Reliable fault diagnosis due to high image quality with resolution up to 640 x 480 pixels and NETD < 40 mK
  • Correct alignment and viewing angle through manual focus and interchangeable telephoto lens
  • High functionality through simple operation and solar mode

Efficient maintenance of solar parks

In particular for large photovoltaic plants, regular thorough checks are essential, as a malfunction in a single solar cell can already have a negative effect on the yield of the overall plants.

Time-saving measurement:

Even with hundreds of square metres of module area and changing intensity of solar irradiation, solar thermography represents a very efficient method for searching for thermal anomalies.


Solar park

How does a thermal imager help?

Application example
Ensure efficiency of solar parks

  • Application example
    • Application example
  • For large photovoltaic plants, reliable and yet time-saving inspection is essential. Thermal imagers from Testo allow easy recording and management of thermal images, as well as professional, meaningful analysis.
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Easily detect hot spots with manual focus

Shooting from a long distance with telephoto lens

More measurement certainty thanks to solar radiation intensity input (solar mode)