Differential pressure measurement for rooms and filters

Between rooms of different cleanroom classes, pressure differences between 5 and 20 Pa must be ensured from cleaner room to less clean room. The minimal positive pressure of the cleanroom ensures that no air flows back into the cleaner area from the unclean area when doors are opened. The lowest contamination-level cleanroom itself is also accessed via airlocks for personnel and materials, where strong air currents stir up the particles present and extract them via filter systems. According to DIN EN ISO 14644-3, the pressure difference of a cleanroom to the personnel and material airlocks, to any cleanrooms of other purity classes as well as to the surroundings, must be tested. A test of differential pressure at the filter should also be carried out.

  • Measurement of differential pressure requires highly precise measurement technology
  • Measurement of differential pressure between rooms and at the filter

Precise measurement of differential pressure

Differential pressure of the cleanroom

Precise measurement of the differential pressure for checking the differential pressure cascade, which ensures the norm-compliant operation of your cleanroom, demands a high level of accuracy of the differential pressure measuring instruments.

  • Measurement of minimal differential pressures from 0 to 50 Pa according to DIN EN ISO 14644-3
  • Differential pressure measuring instruments with low measurement uncertainty are ideal for measurements in cleanrooms
  • Precise measurements thanks to highly accurate differential pressure sensors

Differential pressure at the filter

The reliable determination of the differential pressure at the filter of the air conditioning system allows exact conclusions to be drawn regarding the degree of contamination, and helps you to maintain the continuing function of your air conditioning system.

  • Precise testing of filters in air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Handy instruments featuring a large display and user-friendly menu guidance
  • Differential pressure measuring instruments with high level of accuracy

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