Why is CO2 measured?

The CO2 content of air is for instance measured in

office spaces, production areas and storage rooms. The aim is to ensure suitable indoor air quality for employees and thus to enhance their well-being. People use the term comfort level measurement (indoor air quality).

Universal IAQ instrument testo 400

Carbon dioxide as an indicator

When humans constitute the main emission source, and other sources are of lesser importance, the carbon dioxide concentration in indoor areas constitutes an indicator of air quality.


Guidelines for indoor air quality

  • The CO2 concentration is a measure of how effective the room ventilation is.
  • There are general guidelines for air quality indoors.
  • A concentration of 0.1 volume % of CO2 should not be exceeded.

Reference ranges of the guidelines

  • In order to guarantee air quality, the CO2 concentration should not be greater than 1,000 ppm.
  • However, values from 700 to 1,500 ppm can be viewed as the “reference range”.