Testo Service

Your Testo instrument is manufactured using state of the art technology and our service specialists are trained on the use of these instruments. Testo experienced engineers are available to support you and answer any inquiries you may have on the use or functionality of your Testo instrument.

The Testo Service Centre in Australia is well equipped with special diagnostic equipment to take care of all your service and calibration needs. We can conduct a comprehensive analysis and provide regular software and firmware updates on all Testo instruments.

You can be assured your Testo instrument will be serviced to the highest standard, using only genuine parts, protecting your investment and warranty.

Contact Testo Service

(03) 8761 6108 - Select Option 3

What is testo 5 star Service

What is included…

Our service specialists are available via phone, email or in person at our service centre to discuss your requirements.

When your instrument arrives at our service department, it gets booked into our specialised service management system. Using the proprietary Testo service software and diagnostic equipment our specialists will calibrate and service your instrument. Your instrument data gets stored on our system so our service specialists can help you with any future inquiries.

The Testo 5-star service does not end here. 

Our service specialist will keep track of your next service and notify you well in advance by sending you a reminder email.

All work conducted on your instrument comes with a 3-month labour and 1 year warranty on all replacement parts.

What is included in a Gas service and Calibration

  • Calibration of your instrument (includes a Certificate and sticker of calibration)
  • Reminders when calibration for your instrument is due
  • Complete software diagnostic of your instrument and Firmware update
  • Testing condition of all sensors and recommendation if replacement is required
  • Replacing necessary filters
  • Cleaning and testing pumps
  • Cleaning and testing all internal gas paths
  • Testing probe for leaks
  • Testing probe thermocouple (Flue Temperature)
  • Sensor cross sensitivity check
  • Test response time of all sensors
  • Verifying measurement reproducibility after calibration