Instruments for humidity measurement

Humidity measurements are important in many different areas. With thermohygrometers, for example, you can

  • ensure a healthy climate in office rooms
  • determine the moisture of wood or masonry
  • monitor the air humidity in server rooms
  • carry out test measurements in ventilation ducts.

For this and many other humidity measurement applications, you will find the right instrument from Testo.

Instrument for determining air humidity


Thermohygrometer testo 625

Recording indoor air conditions during initial evaluation

Thermohygrometer testo 635

Measurement in hollow walls (insulation layer/screed seam)

Thermohygrometer testo 605-H1

Test measurement in a ventilation duct

Instruments for determining material moisture


Humidity measuring instrument for material moisture testo 616

Medidor de humedad en materiales testo 616

Humidity measuring instrument for material moisture testo 606

Penetration probe for determining the humidity horizon

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